Hair Style How To’s

Cookie Cutters Signature Flippy Pony

Step #1: Spray the top of the hair with “Vanilla Freeze Hair Spray”. Part off a small square section of hair and wrap a rubber band around the hair. About one and a half inches away from the scalp so you have room to split it.

Step #2: With one hand hold the pony straight up in the air. With the other split the section below the rubber band in half making sure there is a clear space in between. Then take the hair through the front of the space and pull it out the back.

Step #3: Tighten the rubber band to the scalp and finish with a little more hair spray to keep the flyaway’s down.To finish this style off you can do a ponytail, pigtails, blow it out or you can try a messy bun.

Messy Bun

Step #4: To start the messy bun I recommend putting a little “Lime Shine Hair Slicker” on the sides of the head to keep all the little flyaway’s down. Then pull the hair back in to a ponytail but on the last twist of the rubber band you not going to pull the hair all the way through.

Step #5: Grab your bobby pins! Section off a small loop of the pony and place a bobby pin in the loop. Then twist the bobby pin in to the rubber band creating a secure twisted loop.

Step #6: Continue twisting and pinning the different sections of the ponytail until all the pieces are twisted in to the rubber band. Finish off with some hair spray or for an even fancier look try some of our “Glitter Spray”. This style can also be done as pigtails, especially if your child has thick hair.

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